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The Procurement function has a fundamental mandate in organisations, and that is “to create and leverage value from the supply chain”. We can depict this mandate in a simple graphic as follows:

So the Procurement function has enormous potential to create significant value for the organisation, depending on how the aggregation of the variables represented by the above equation are manipulated. This however requires a logical balance in emphasis between the various practices domains within procurement, matched by commensurate capabilities viz. the Procurement function’s practices and competencies. There also needs to be an unequivocal appreciation at senior organisational levels as to the potential Procurement holds in order to unleash the latent potential in the supply chain.

In certain instances, targeted development and improvement initiatives are required to take Procurement ‘to the next level’. With decades of experience in this field, and innovative tools, we are able to assist you discover and/or confirm where such initiatives would deliver greatest value, and then to guide you through the transition execution process towards specific goals and objectives in a measurable manner.

SAS’ Procurement Advisory Solutions cover the following elements:

  • Procurement Strategy:
    • Evaluation, Refinement, Development;
    • Goal Setting and Performance Management;
    • Value Proposition Definition;
    • Procurement Outsourcing
  • Capability Profiling & Competency Development:
    • Leading Procurement Practices Profiling
    • Learning and Development Interventions;
    • Coaching and Mentoring (Procurement and Supply Chain Management);
  • Procurement Governance:
    • Processes, Policies and Procedures;
  • Strategic and Tactical Sourcing:
    • Sourcing Opportunity Analysis;
    • Bid Management (RFx family);
    • Category Development and Management;
    • Total Cost of Ownership / Life-cycle Costing;
    • Supply Chain Risk Analysis and Management;
  • Contract Life-cycle Management:
    • Contract Planning and Negotiations;
    • Service Level Agreements;
    • Contract Execution and Management;
    • Contract Law;
  • Supplier Management:
    • Supplier Onboarding and Master Data Management;
    • Supplier Enterprise Development and Integration;
    • Supplier Performance Management;
    • Supplier Survey Design and Execution;
    • Supplier Relationship Management;
  • Procure-to-Pay Efficiencies and Effectiveness;
  • Supply Chain Organisation:
    • Core Supply Chain Capabilities and Organisation Design;
    • Job Profiling, Roles, Responsibilities;
    • People Philosophy, Accountability and Collaboration;
  • Implementing Robust Integrated Quality Management;
  • Procurement Knowledge Management;

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