The Pathway to Productivity and Performance

“Value Creation in Procurement Centers Around the
Practices and Capabilities of the Procurement Function”

The Procurement function has enormous potential to create significant value for the organisation. However, the potential to create such value is often limited by the inherent capabilities of the Procurement function. In addition to employing relevant and leading practices in Procurement, productivity and performance is enhanced by ensuring that individual practitioners are suitably skilled and possess the latest requisite knowledge that will ensure the Procurement function achieves its overall objectives.


Our Proprietary Knowledge-Building Workshops and Webinars

Skills development is an integral and critical component of the organization’s knowledge management initiatives. Where ‘on the ground’ practices have become entrenched with little value-adding changes over the years, or where fresh perspectives and exposure to new thinking is needed, or where key expertise has been lost due to attrition, … whatever the reason and whatever the need, we will equip Procurement practitioners with the latest thinking, practices, tools and methodologies in the Procurement space.

We are currently equipped to offer a broad variety of knowledge-enhancing procurement workshops and webinars to assist your Procurement practitioners equip themselves to perform at superior levels. With well more than a decade’s experience in the field and having trained many thousands of practitioners, we are amply experienced and equipped for you to entrust us with the development of your Procurement staffs’ knowledge development.

Our Procurement learning workshops cut across the Procurement knowledge domain with emphasis on those areas that add the greatest value and also those deal with governance and sustainability. These capability-accelerating workshops are designed to improve Procurement’s agility by transferring essential knowledge and techniques that will empower the practitioner to be highly effective in the workplace.

We also have a further four learning interventions planned for development over 2017. Should the need arise, customized learning workshops can also be developed.


Key Benefits

Our Procurement learning and development programme cuts across all relevant domains of procurement expertise providing skill sets that are applicable to any procurement professional. This is an important consideration for all organisations who are looking to maximize their investments in order to create a more efficient cash-flow system when procuring goods, materials and services either for own consumption, conversion or resale. Benefits of our learning and development workshops workshops include:

  • A higher understanding of how procurement impacts the wider organization across all client functions;
  • The potential for enhanced reduction in the cost of goods, materials and services arising from improved efficiencies;
  • Improved confidence of procurement managers to contribute to the strategic objectives of the organization;
  • Improved relationships with key stakeholders (executives, internal clients, contractors and suppliers);
  • Improved governance through an understanding of the financial and process-related risks in the supply chin and value chain;

Enhancing sustainability through the adoption of appropriate policies, tools, methods and practices.


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